Saturday, July 29, 2017

Here comes a shout out.....THANK YOU!

My new Assignment....lookin cute, yes?

I so appreciate the prayer support during this past season.
John is home but now begins the road to recovery.
Although all that was attacking his body
has been stopped
he has a ways to go 
to be strong and productive again.

I am so proud of his commitment to keeping his
insulin under control. 
 Our frig is filled with fruits and vegetables
and his cooking skills are creating the most wondrous dishes.
(He still won't let me cook ...really? and who fed you for 20 years  lol)
Wish we could open a diner in our living room 
so you all could enjoy his gift.

So will I be the first person to put on weight for eating healthy?
John:  "Mom, going back for seconds is not going
 to keep your weight under control"

I was never a candy striper 
but I have that job now
 making sure he has plenty of ice water available 
and keeping the kitchen cleared,
walking softly, keeping the fans going.
puffing pillows (wait, no I don't do that)

So again,  thank you for your kind words and earnest intercession...
when I come to mind 
please pray that I will have  
Wisdom with kindness and patience
and that healing with restoration 
will be upon John by the Spirit.
I know how frustrating it is for him 
to deal with the pain
when he moves around, 
it is very discouraging having to strain
to do anything.
 I know, because I have been there.
Thank you my  friends,
(aka Mariel)

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