Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Love the one you're with

I am waiting for you

"If you can't be with the one you love
love the one you' re with"
Crosby, Stills and Nash

Many of you know these lyrics.
Recently these words were going thru my head
because I was thinking about how 
I wish I could reach out to every person
 who is in pain and sorrow
 from loss, from sickness, from weariness from despair.  
I want to reach out with prayer, a hug, a listening heart.
It bothers me sometimes that 
physically, mentally, emotionally
 I can't do more, reach more...
but I have come to embrace this truth,
 that the one thing  I can do 
is reach out and touch 
the one in front of me.
 I can love the one before me, 
in this moment of time.

  Jesus ministered to massive crowds
 but most accounts have to do 
with the one who in a moment of time 
was in front of Him.

Pressed on every side
He would stop and respond
to the cry of the one
         "Jesus , Son of David,
                 have mercy on me"
He must have looked at them
 with a seeing that was
full of love, compassion ...
and for that moment, for that time, 
one person was touched
in the midst of many
One person experienced
 the love of Jesus.

I pray that we never feel 
we are doing little 
 by ministering to the one.
They are worth
more than gold to the Master....
He wants to minister to the one,
 He wants to love
them in the moment thru us.
He can make millions feel like the one
because of us
....and He says
it is enough.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts! True healing can only happen through relationship. One face to face encounter can bring to life a year's worth of church sermons that were heretofore only occupying theoretical head space and not creating a true heart change. By ministering to the one, you are impacting them for years to come and everyone that one encounters or is in relationship with. It is a powerful ministry.


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