Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Freedom Now!

Let the river flow

It seems I do not realize how bound I have been until I am free.
There is a beautiful clarity and peace
that is so available 
and becomes
stronger as obstructions 
are cleared away
obstructions of 
past hurts
wrong thinking
wrong attitudes
They can clog up the flow of the river
muddy up the waters
polluting all  that is inside.
Some of us
have accumlated 
years of pollution 
that the Father is wanting
 to clean out.
 you may ask:
it is from reading and meditating on the word
that the light shines on the rocks and waste
restricting the flow, the clarity, the peace
Hebrews 4:12 

Once it is revealed
 the next step 
is to come before the throne of Grace
ask for
and receive your deliverance
Ask for deliverence,
burdens removed
yokes destoryed.
Believe you receive it
take it
and then enter
 into His Courts of blessing and freedom 
with Praise and Thanksgiving

Until I began tasting freedom
I had no idea how wonderful
it was, 
how invigorating life could be
how peace and joy 
transformed everything

how liberating each day is
in Him
He wants you free
He whom the Son sets free
is free indeed.
He wants the river
to flow

He who believes in Me
cleaves to me
from his inntermost being
shall flow
springs and rivers
of living water
John 7:38


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