Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hold on is a bumpy ride

 Dear Friends,
             just suppose
I sent you a personal note.....and asked you:
         "How is it going?"
and realizing I really meant the question
 and really cared
you wrote back and got honest.
I would expect every one of you would tell me
you are facing a challenge or
a change, a loss,
or a physical problem....
something unexpected
 an interruption in a well oiled routine,
 an added responsibility,
       a time stealer.
I don't know if this will encourage or not
 but I want to tell you,
you are not alone.
Recently, every person I talk to
 is struggling with something....
we are all in the boat
and the waves
are coming at us
It is like 
We are being dragged out of our comfort zone,
 we are discovering that there is a limit to our strength,
 that life can throw curves...
like the loss of a husband, 
added responsibilities due to a cut in staff,
 an accident that leaves the person with broken ribs,
 and on and on.
Maybe like the apostles in that tossing boat
we cry out
        Jesus, don't you care?
His response:
"Why are you so afraid? How is it that you have no faith?"

I am right there with you
in that boat   and
Here is what I am doing

I am reading and praying and thinking about
         James 1:2

 Consider it nothing but joy, 
my ]brothers and sisters, 
whenever you fall into various trials.  
Be assured that the testing of your faith [through experience] 
produces endurance [leading to spiritual maturity, and inner peace]. 
 And let endurance have its perfect result 
and do a thorough work, 
so that you may be perfect 
and completely developed [in your faith], 
          lacking in nothing.

When the storm came, it tested the apostles faith in the boat....
faith that Jesus cared, faith that He could get them to the other side, 
faith that they would prevail,
because of who they were called to be

So too, about this storm that is hitting you
 be assured that it is for the testing of your faith, 
and that as you develop it, hold on  and 
expect a breakthru, the victory,
you can expect
maturity to come so that
you will weather the next storm, 
stronger, in more confidence 
and with a good word for fellow travelers.
You will be ready for the next advancement
of the will be a more effective
builder, encourager, testifier.

What is the faith tested?
 That God is a good God
that Jesus loves you, cares for you
and has an answer ready for you....
written there in the promises
that cover your situation.
And as you make that decision
to hold onto promises in prayer,
think about them,
praise Him like Paul and Silas
who got their victorious out come
you also will see a breakthru as His Kingdom comes
as Jesus breaks the chains of the storm.
     The Bible says: “About midnight Paul and Silas were…
                              singing hymns to God…
                             Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake 
                              that the foundations of the prisons were shaken…
                              all the prison doors flew open, and 
                                             everybody’s chains came loose” 

So as the waves toss, you can look unto Jesus
who is the developer of your faith.
Look to Jesus with your thoughts,
with the reading of the Wordl
with singing songs of praise, worship
full of confidence.

Last thought:
if we have to walk 
thru these things 
no matter what, 
lets, at least, make it count,
lets, at least,
 have something to show for it,
a development of a faith that produces 
spiritual maturity 
and inner peace.

get a prayer warrior to pray with you.
Someone who can join hands with
you in Faith and together you won't
just weather the storm
you will by Faith
stop it ! and reach the other side

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Freedom Now!

Let the river flow

It seems I do not realize how bound I have been until I am free.
There is a beautiful clarity and peace
that is so available 
and becomes
stronger as obstructions 
are cleared away
obstructions of 
past hurts
wrong thinking
wrong attitudes
They can clog up the flow of the river
muddy up the waters
polluting all  that is inside.
Some of us
have accumlated 
years of pollution 
that the Father is wanting
 to clean out.
 you may ask:
it is from reading and meditating on the word
that the light shines on the rocks and waste
restricting the flow, the clarity, the peace
Hebrews 4:12 

Once it is revealed
 the next step 
is to come before the throne of Grace
ask for
and receive your deliverance
Ask for deliverence,
burdens removed
yokes destoryed.
Believe you receive it
take it
and then enter
 into His Courts of blessing and freedom 
with Praise and Thanksgiving

Until I began tasting freedom
I had no idea how wonderful
it was, 
how invigorating life could be
how peace and joy 
transformed everything

how liberating each day is
in Him
He wants you free
He whom the Son sets free
is free indeed.
He wants the river
to flow

He who believes in Me
cleaves to me
from his inntermost being
shall flow
springs and rivers
of living water
John 7:38


Thursday, January 12, 2017

and the designer label read: Paradise & Co.
King James Bible
Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.

Why so serious????
In this month of snowed in days and self-reflection
 I just wanted to take a break and
 have some fun with this blog.

You have seen pictures like this  of Adam and Eve
leaving the garden,
clothed in animal skins.
I was thinking about this the other day as I was reading Genesis
 and this question came to me..

Is this really what their garments looked like?

Are you kidding me?
God made this?

This is the best He could do?
 the Master Builder who created the "bling-bling" stars, 
the sparkling oceans,
the brilliant colors of bids, flower and sunsets?

I mean
just look at those clothes...
talk about putting salt on the wound

Suddenly all the blessings of the Garden are gone,
the amazing-ness of it all
the meaningfulness,
the excitement
which included conversations
with the Creator, their friend
it is all gone
their bodies are now heavy,
capable of feeling pain, sorrow, heat
cold, fatigue
then they are sent on their way
in fuzzy, wuzzy, scratchy heavy
ugly animal skins?
ya think?

Maybe, just maybe it was more like this 
Sleek, tanned, smooth leather,
 that is what animal skin clothing looks like today.

So Why not?

It begs the question:  
who was there taking the
pictures to post
on Facebook?????

I like that phrase which goes like this:
you can't prove it was like this,
and you can't prove it was not

What do YOU, think?????

Monday, January 9, 2017

United we Stand 2017

"When you are too tired to fight....let somebody else fight for you"

A commercial about cancer support came on the screen 
and I heard this quote
....and it got me thinking about
 why we need community, 
why we need to connect with fellow Christians 
and build relationships
 and become vulnerable 
It is so that when 
the fight gets intense, 
we feel we are sinking, 
when fatigue
stops us from praying, 
we need to know that there is someone who
  will come along side and do it for us.

A few years back I was on my back in a hospital bed,
 I just remember sleeping a lot and 
when I was awak
being too fatigued to think 
 let alone  pray.

A woman's ministry at the church 
sent me a crocheted cover,  
it was a reminder 
that someone out there was praying for me.  
I used that cover as a point of contact 
to believe 
that what I could not do for myself, 
someone else was doing for me.

So during 2017 
find that support group, 
that circle of friends 
who will fight for you 
when you cannot fight for yourself. 
We were made to be with each other
....none of us was created to be alone. 
God planned Divine Connections.
So this year....
Reach out a hand and find that one waiting for you.

Happy 2017..the year of more